Sleepy Floyd is Wide Awake – Behind the Scenes Fun

It was a gorgeous fall afternoon at the Vue Tower in Uptown Charlotte, when we first heard the roar of a powerful engine far below.  Even at an elevation of 450 feet, that sound cut through the City’s familiar hum. This could only signal one thing.

The Adventador had arrived!

Our cast and crew had gathered at my residence, nicknamed the “SkyHouse”, to prepare for the day’s shoot.  Excited about the amazing machine that had just arrived, we hurried into the elevator and down to the guest parking garage for our first look.

We were not disappointed.  Leif Wombwell, was standing by this magnificent machine bathed in the halogen glow of the guest parking area.

He was absolutely beaming with excitement and delight after navigating this fine automobile through the city streets.  The crew swarmed around to take in it’s stunning, angular beauty, and rich orange hue.

Now thoroughly covered in fingerprints, the Adventador had a date with the Cormin Auto Spa, located on the 7th floor of the Vue Tower’s parking garage, for a thorough detailing in the capable hands of the owner, Shawn DesChamps.

Meanwhile, the crew busied themselves with preparations for the shoot, and awaiting the arrival of NBA Hall of Fame Great, Eric “Sleepy’ Floyd!

Eric, and our very own, Cate Wombwell, were cast as our actors in tonight’s shoot.  “Sleepy”, was on a very tight schedule this evening , as he was to meet with members of his charitable organization.  Since retirement, this amazing athlete continues to inspire young people as a mentor with his youth charitable organization, Jobsy Wobsy.

We hurried the duo into makeup and styling, while our cinematographer, Andre Solodankin, and his wife, Mercy, and their extended crew readied their equipment. Leif and myself, worked with the film crew to finalize our “plan of attack”, as we made our way out of the building.

Once again, the Vue residents could hear and feel the sound of an engine far below, this time with our guest star, “Sleepy Floyd” behind the wheel.  He and Cate, made their way out of the garage and onto the busy Uptown streets. Tonight’s destination was the trendy and vibrant, 5Church restaurant, a favorite amongst the cast and crew, and for “Sleepy”, as well!

As the crew gathered at the venue, heads were turning at the distant roar of the Adventador approaching.  5Church, was packed with patrons as “Sleepy” and Cate, pulled into the valet adjacent to the restaurant.  Just inside the restaurant, and on the street as well, bystanderswere spellbound as this Supercar arrived top-down, with our actors in tow!

Our production team revved into high gear, as we shot footage of the Duo arriving and departing, and exiting the vehicle to make their way inside 5Church.  A large group of bystanders had gathered on the sidewalks to take in the scene.

This car has the amazing ability to stop people dead in their tracks!

“This car has the amazing ability to stop people dead in their tracks!”

The bystanders simply stare in disbelief and awe after gazing on this otherworldly machine, as it dominates the space around it. After putting “Sleepy” and Cate through the rigors of numerous takes, time was growing short as we had a tight schedule to begin with. 5Church manager, Gabrielle Biggs, had kept open a lounge area just inside the eatery, with a clear view of the Adventador just outside.

We had to make an “executive decision”, to skip the taping of the interior shots inside the club, as it was nearly time for “Sleepy” to meet with his team.  We had a critical scene to shoot at the Vue Tower on the “SkyHouse” balcony, the closing shot for this production.

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